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Intertwined with the economy, of course, are concerns about the massive federal budget deficit. Its growth is troubling, but a country trying to climb out of recession might need to live with that problem for a while. Both candidates acknowledge the need to address the deficit, but we believe that Obama has proposed the most practical approach: He supports relatively modest increases in the income tax rates for the highest earners (back to 2001 levels), and in the capital gains tax rate.
More than half of the oil used in the United States is imported from other countries. Two thirds of this imported oil is used for transportation. Because so much oil comes from outside of the United States, changes in prices and supply are largely out of our control.
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Retail is weird and different from place to place so you being fired from one store isn the same as you being fired from a company with standardized policies that make sense. If I were unfamiliar with how your past store was run, I wouldn immediately assume fired=bad person unless you seemed like a bad person for other reasons. Stay honest and don be a snitch but don hide the truth either.
Rush Holt (D NJ) to be amended to include a full ban on Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch screen) voting systems. The interview was pre taped, and an edited for time version was aired. The complete, unedited version of that 15 minute interview, along with a text transcript is now posted.
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