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Sasha Grey Cream Pie Masturbator
Main Squeeze Sasha Grey Penis Masturbator - Molded directly from sizzling starlet Sasha Grey`s body, this ULTRASKYN stroker looks and feels just like thrusting into her perfect pussy. When the smoke clears, buying a Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Pussy and Ass wouldn`t be a bad idea.
If her mouth isn`t the first thing you think of when shopping for a Sasha Grey masturbator, you`ll probably be more satisfied with the Cream Pie Pocket Pssy The single-entry toy features realistic labia that fans can`t get enough of. All that`s required is a dab of lube, a hard cck, and one of Sasha`s films for inspiration.
In my 8 years of working with Jack And Jill it has been a pleasure managing, building stores, and working in product development within the Adult Sex Toy Industry. This is the price charged for New products when Amazon itself is the seller. This stroker also has a suction-adjusting end cap and the UltraSkyn sleeve is designed to feel like the real thing.
Safest Material Options: Silicone, Glass, Wood, Metal, www.smashwords.com ABS Plastic, Acrylic, Pyrex, Ceramic (with hard glaze) are safest but if you`re enamored with a toy made from something else, there are some additional precautions to take. Founded in 1976 and celebrating 40 years as the driving force in the adult novelty industry, Doc Johnson is the world`s largest designer and manufacturer of innovative products for men, women and couples.
Presenting to you, the best pussy stroker you all dreamed of- The realistic vagina mold of Sasha Grey, the hottest and wanted hot and sexy adult celebrity by men. Made from ULTRASKYN Doc Johnson have created a stroker that feels like just like the real thing so you can have Sasha.
The Main Squeeze`s special Squeeze Plate uses an airtight end cap that twists to adjust how much suction you want so you can have a different experience every time, just like a Fleshlight. Designed for handheld use, the Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy will take your masturbation to a whole other level.
Each Ultraskyn sleeve features a different textured interior, making your experience as unique as each of our sexy Main Squeeze girls. Like I said, the Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Pussy and Ass is nowhere near perfect, but you should come to expect that from products in the subjective sex toy industry.
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