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Why Customer Experience Tracking Matters
It`s very common these days for companies to ask you for your feedback or for a rating. It`s in almost all social apps like Uber or Didi in China where you can rate the ride and rate the driver. And you`re often asked a common NPS question, \"How likely are you to recommend this to a friend?\"
The reason for all these ratings is that tracking the customer`s experience is bother easier and better than ever more. And it`s more important for the overall growth of the company. Happy customers or the NPS score 9 & 10`s, are what drive sustainable organic growth for businesses.
However, with those benefits come challenges.
Customer participation rates:
Doing survey and NPS though is often not enough. Since customers are constantly asked to fill out forms and add ratings, there is a ton of `survey fatigue`.
US & China functionality:
Different countries have different websites that are commonly used for this purpose. So for example you might use Typeform for a US project but need Pullpath for a China customer experience project. Or you can find other tools for WeChat in China here.
Because of the huge amount of data that is generated, how, when & where the reporting happens becomes equally important. Many companies offer dashboards such as Qualtrics or Survey Monkey. However some SASS platforms go further with focusing instead on delivering different VOC Reports China to different parts of the organization in order to maximize uptake.
At the end of day, it`s still essential to find a place for customer experience reporting in your organization, even if you`re in China, because it will unlock the next stages of growth for your company. It`s how you talk & listen to your customers at scale.
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