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Amazon Echo Frames: Here`s What You Didn`t Know
(9726297039)\" style=\"max-width:410px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;\">id=\"article-body\" class=\"row\" section=\"article-body\"> Amazon Echo Frames let you talk to Alexa wherever you go, but have no camera or HUD.
James Martin/CNET Amazon announced a heap of devices this week, including five new Echo smart speakers, more Ring smart home security and new Alexa commands. But the new Echo Frames smart glasses ($180) and Echo Loop smart ring ($130) were the two that stole headlines. 
These wearable devices put Amazon`s digital Alexa assistant on your body in a way that`s different than the more expected earbuds route (though there are new Echo Buds, too, for $130 or £120). By bringing Alexa to your face and your hand, Amazon might be trying to get more personal with the little voice in the device. 
The Echo Frames and Echo Loop raise a host of questions about what they do, who they`re for, what kind of customization options there are and even how to buy them -- it`s not as easy as walking into a store or adding them to your cart on Amazon. Here`s what we know so far, and what we don`t. 
Now playing: Watch this: Amazon Echo Frames put Alexa on your face 1:39 Why did Amazon make the Echo Loop and Echo Frames?
Wearables are a potentially huge technology sector, but so far only smartwatches and fitness trackers have really taken off. Several companies, notably Google and even Amazon itself, have already introduced smart glasses to the market (think Google Glass), but they`ve hardly been mainstream. 
At $180 and $130 respectively, the Echo Frames and Echo Loop offer you the ability to take Alexa and its extensive collection of skills with them wherever you go, at a relatively inexpensive price. If successful, the new devices could help further expand Amazon`s influence outside of the home, 보험 something that Google`s been able to do in phones with Google Assistant, but which Amazon hasn`t yet achieved. 
This is what the Echo Frames do
The Echo Frames are a pair of connected glasses that let you speak commands and hear Alexa`s replies, hands-free. You can also use them to listen to audio streams. Say you`re walking down the street with your hands full and ask Alexa to kick-start turning on the air conditioning at home or play you a podcast.
At 1.1 ounces (31 grams), the Echo Frames aren`t any heavier than regular glasses, although the temple pieces look wider than average.
You can control some features by swiping along the earpiece. Microphones, which can be shut off by double-tapping an action button on the temple, listen for commands, then four beamforming micro speakers aimed at your ears let you -- and only you -- hear Alexa`s response.
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