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The Secret Of Ron Paul Liberty Report That No One Is Talking About
RON PAUL: If you got rid of the revenue tax? JAY LENO: The earnings tax… the earnings tax for everybody. RON PAUL: Well, I lean in direction of a flat tax but I wanna make it real flat, like zero. Dr Ron Paul Liberty Report PAUL: Well, but individuals would have the cash. RON PAUL: You know, they arrive, they usually struggle over this pie which is actually shrinking. My concept is, you allow folks to work, and keep the fruits of their labor, the money stays of their house or of their state, so you don’t should go to Washington and combat over this. And, you end up with a lot smaller government. JAY LENO: Okay, now your greatest subject is of course Iraq, that’s how I bought my consideration. RON PAUL: …as shortly as possible. I imply, it was a mistake to go in, we shouldn’t have gone in, we didn’t go in properly. Ah, see, I still imagine we should always follow the Constitution, as finest as we are able to.
Then there was an thought promoted by another author that entrance examinations and assessments on the whole are a form of social \"dominance\" by ruling lessons and races over minorities. No marvel that your instructor mentioned such issues. I am guessing that he learnt such notions and thinks that it`s folks in pure sciences who are getting manipulating when it is sort of the other approach round. This was taken very severely in China and USSR throughout Maoist period and they failed miserably which is exactly why Chinese government has gone again to traditional methods. It is similar in India. This strategy has it`s drawbacks however it works. Sure, extreme competition for marks is dangerous and authorities ought to do one thing on that rating however the ideas they have promoted is terrible. Another interesting factor is that most Socialist governments (China., Vietnam, Laos, Nicaragua, Kazaksthan, Armenia) have right now adopted Capitalist markets. Actually they`ve develop into the strongest supporters of Capitalism.
And one factor I would say is, when you`re taking the 9-9-9 plan and you flip it upside down, I think the devil`s in the details. MR. ROSE: All proper. MR. CAIN: You have to let me reply. MR. ROSE: We`ve given you a number of chances to reply. I`ll come back. We will proceed to talk about taxes and spending. We also know right here that there was a paradigm shift on this planet economic order. We learn about China and we know about India. Here is our subsequent clip, and we`ll reply from that. MR. ROMNEY: And I`ll label China as it is, a forex manipulator, Ron Paul Institute Liberty Report and I`ll go after them for stealing our mental property, and they will recognize that in the event that they cheat, there is a price to pay. I definitely do not desire a commerce conflict with anybody, and we`re not going to have a commerce struggle, but we will not have a commerce surrender both. MS. TUMULTY: Governor Huntsman, you had been also ambassador to China, and you say that this could danger a commerce battle.
MS. : So do you`ve a query for certainly one of them? More MR. SANTORUM: My question is -- you`ve got -- you`ve got prompted it completely as a result of here is my query. MR. SANTORUM: And by the way in which, it is one -- the 4 individuals were Governor Huntsman, Governor Perry, Herman Cain and Governor Romney all supported TARP. MR. CAIN: There are three deterrents to this nightmare scenario you described when it comes to how bad things are going to be as a result of we are trying to fix the true downside. The first deterrent is that I`m going to ask the United States Congress to incorporate a two-thirds majority vote before they can elevate the 9-9-9 tax. The second deterrent -- the second deterrent is the fact that because it is seen, simple and clear, the American people are going to be the ones to hold Congress -- Congress` toes to the fire. MR. SANTORUM: You are not going to be president forever.
He later tweeted that he never pushed House Republicans to vote for immigration overhaul measures that failed final week, contradicting a post three days ago during which he urged GOP congressional members to go them. In Trump`s hometown of recent York City, another large crowd poured throughout the Brooklyn Bridge in sweltering 90-diploma heat, some carrying their youngsters on their shoulders, chanting, \"Shame!\" Drivers honked their horns in assist. Rev. Julie Hoplamazian, an Episcopal priest marching in Brooklyn. Though seasoned anti-Trump demonstrators packed the rallies, others had been new to activism, including parents who stated they felt compelled to act after heart-wrenching accounts of households who had been torn apart. A few of the demonstrations were boisterous, others had been quiet. Five folks have been arrested outside an ICE office in Dallas for blocking a highway. At the very least one arrest was made in Columbus, Ohio, when protesters obstructed a downtown street. Light-rail service was quickly shut down in Minneapolis as thousands of demonstrators acquired in the way in which of the tracks.
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