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Quite often on the Internet there are captions for photographs: \"How film actors have changed over 20 years,\" and it’s completely unclear why this is written and what it is compared to. If the heroes are themselves twenty years old, then without pictures it’s clear that they all changed, some not for the better, aged, plump or completely flabby, others are well preserved and keep their shape, the third after repeated cosmetic operations look younger than 20 years old back ahead of their own school years.
But then again, why do we need these comparisons, what do we recognize as a result? We will gloat that someone looks worse than us, blog news or we will feel a strong rush of envy, looking at the photo of the grandmother, who is still a girl. And again the question arises, so what, the goal is something? Or maybe you need to look and find ten differences, as is done in children’s books? There is at least some hint of intelligence, but still, the mind is still very, very far away. There remains the last and probably the most correct explanation: for nothing, just like that. It’s a kind of entertainment when there’s nothing to do.
But all these photos could be presented in a completely different way. Years passed, the actors grew old and changed, but how noble they look. You can take an example from them, how to adequately meet old age, how not to be shy about wrinkles and fallen, haggard faces. The beauty of old age also has its advantages. They are old, and they are loved no less, even more, and this love has become even stronger, because they love no longer for beauty and youth, but for talent and wisdom. It can be said that youth and beauty were replaced by a new expression on the face, which has become more thoughtful and noble. Youthful lightness, carelessness, recklessness gave way to meaningfulness, wisdom, hidden sorrow. Yes, photographs can say a lot, most importantly, in whose hands they will fall and how they will be presented.
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